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Implementing Partners

CAPS is a team of outstanding experts in business development, capacity building and cluster competitiveness. The core group of Armenian and international professionals is complemented by extensive networks of industry and cluter expertise.

The consortium is led by Nathan Associates Inc. with J.E. Austin Associates and The Emerging Markets Group as subcontractors. This group with core Armenian partners - the Economy and Values Research Center - have significant experience strengthening institutions, promoting competitiveness and export growth, supporting private enterprise development and forging strategic business alliances.


Nathan Associates Inc. 

Nathan Associates offers specialized knowledge and experience in economics and formidable resources for a unified approach to complex economic issues. The work is based on thier understanding of the economic forces of competition, innovation, and reward. Under the leadership of John C. Beyer, President, senior economists and financial analysts of Nathan Associates Inc. provide services through the following business units: Litigation and Regulation, Infrastructure Planning and Economics, International Economics, Survey Design & Research, and Business Analytics. Services for public and private sector clients in the United States and around the world include

  • Analysis of the economic impacts of public policy;
  • Analysis of and testimony on economic issues in regulatory proceedings;
  • Expert testimony on liability and damages in antitrust, financial markets, intellectual property infringement, and trade litigation;
  • Analysis of infrastructure planning, policy, and investment needs and feasibility;
  • Analysis of the economic costs and benefits of recognizing and enforcing intellectual property rights; and
  • Supplementing and building capacity in trade policy.

J.E. Austin Associates Inc.

J.E. Austing Associates, Inc (JAA) assists business and government leaders to implement strategic changes designed to achieve rapid growth that is economically, politically, socially and environmentally sustainable. JAA is a proven leader in adapting the most advanced business tools, management methodologies and analytical techniques to the realities of business and policy environments in less developed countries and transitional economies. JAA's areas of expertise are in competitiveness, in strategic plannin, private sector development, export growth, agribusiness, investment promotion, financial analysis, institutional strengthening and other areas related to encouraging business-led economic growth.

Emerging Markets Group

Emerging Markets Group (EMG) is an international development consulting firm that serves donor agencies and sovereign governments. Based in corporate offices in Brussels, London, and Washington DC, and in project sites around the world, EMG professionals are committed to excellent client service, sustainable development impact, and to improving peoples’ lives.  

EMG is part of The Cardno Group, a global multidisciplinary professional services organization that improves physical and social infrastructure which underpins communities around the world. Integration into Cardno aligns EMG's mission of applying business expertise to promote social and economic development to create better futures.

With nearly 25 years of development consulting experience in financial, private and public sector development, agribusiness, healthcare and tourism, EMG joins Cardno to manage nearly $500 million in technical assistance projects with donor clients such as USAID, DFID, EuropeAID, AusAID, The Global Fund, MCC, Asian Development Bank and the World Bank.

Economy and Values Research Center

Economy and Values Research Center (EV) is a think-tank striving for virtue-driven competitive Armenia. The Center’s activities are focused on promoting competitiveness agenda, educating and advising leaders in ethics and strategy, as well as exploring value and cultural foundations of development. The Center was established in 2004 by a group of academics and business consultants. Within a very short time since its foundation, the Center has been able to undertake several innovative projects in competitiveness, case research and trainings. Utilizing top level international institutional connections and a selected network of highly skilled analysts and consultants, the Center introduces new concepts of development and bridges the academia and business in the pursuit to create a better business environment.

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